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Energy from biogas - from concept to operation

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As a specialist in the production of biogas from organic waste and renewable substrates, n-bio GmbH offers the entire range of products and services, from know-how transfer to turnkey plants and their operation.


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Our Work Flow

We act as a technology provider for local partners worldwide – become our partner, too!

The local partner is responsible for finding suitable projects, concluding local contracts with suppliers of biomass, landowners, utility companies, etc., n-bio will provide basic and detailed engineering as a basis for this project and will be fully responsible for the digestion process. Civil works are organized by the local partner, n-bio supplies key-equipment (with a flexible scope). Mechanical installation, piping and cabling will again be done locally according to our detailed plans. n-bio supports the process during the entire construction period, especially during start-up where intensive training takes place. Further support during operation and maintenance can also be offered.

n-bio offers in-depth know-how, engineering services and supply of equipment for the construction and operation of biogas plants.

Our technologies

Digestion in centrally stirred CST-Reactors

In most of our biogas plants we use CST-Reactors with top-entering stirrers. This system has several advantages:
  • Low energy demand
  • Minimal maintenance costs, no motor or gearbox within the reactor
  • No interruption of operation or emissions
  • Avoidance of floating layers and sediments
  • Continuous mixing to create optimal conditions for the microbiology

High performance digestion

We also offer a high performance reactor that is suitable e.g. for sewage sludge from wastewater treatment plants (WWTP). A biomass retention takes place within this reactor, resulting in lower retention time, less space requirement and low operating costs.

Semi-dry digestion

Organic substrates with a high dry matter content (e.g. maize straw) can be treated in a semi-dry digestion plant. The dry matter content within the reactor can be up to 15%, at the same time a high organic loading rate can be applied.

Our focus

Anaerobic digestion plants.

Most kinds of commercial organic waste can be treated in anaerobic digestion plants. At the same time renewable energy is produced and nutrients are recovered making this type of waste treatment highly economic and environmentally friendly.


We have many years of experience in the treatment of e.g. supermarket waste, kitchen waste, dairy waste, slaughterhouse waste and other waste from the food and beverage industry.

Large-scale agricultural biogas plants.

Liquid slurry, solid manure and other agricultural substrates or residues can be used to produce renewable energy in agricultural biogas plants. At the same time, the fertilizing quality of the digestate is enhanced helping to save artificial fertilizer and closing the loop for nutrients recycling. Thus, a reliable income and reduced dependence on external resources are created for the farmer or cooperative.


Among our references is one of the biggest biogas plants in Europa. BioMethan is produced and injected into the natural gas grid. The plant is operated by a consortium of a farmer association and a power company.

Sewage sludge digestion.

Primary and secondary sewage sludge from municipal wastewater treatment plants can be treated in sewage sludge digestion plants. The generated biogas can be used to supply a large part of the energy required by the wastewater treatment and to reduce costs for sludge disposal.


We use both CSTR and high-rate digester technology for sewage sludge digestion in order to minimize investment and operational costs.

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