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Sønderjysk Biogas A/S ∙ Langvej 65 ∙ DK-6541 Bevtoft

Biogas plant

One of the largest manure processing biogas plants worldwide ∙ for manure and agricultural residues · with biogas upgrading ∙ thermophilic operation

Manure 425.000 t/a
Straw 50.000 t/a
Sugar beets: 50.000 t/a
Corn 10.000 t/a
6x Digester: 6.100 m³
4x Post-digester: 6.800 m³
Digestate storage: 3.500 m³
Slurry storage: 3.500 m³
2x receiving tank: 240 m³
Slurry tank: 200 m³
Production of biomethane: 5.000 Nm³/h
replace an electric power of 10 MWel.

Start up: 2016

Update March 2021:

n-bio has again been contracted to do the engineering for modifications and enlargements implemented last year. The plant is expected to be able to handle approx. 600,000 tons of biomass per year.
A test run with a biogas production capacity of up to 6,500 Nm³ biogas per hour was recently performed and the BioMethan injection capacity reached 3,600 Nm³/h.